Maya Goldblum, as Queen Bonobo, to release EP May 7

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Born in Sandpoint, Maya Goldblum, a.k.a. recording artist Queen Bonobo, drew on her experiences abroad in Ireland to create her latest EP, Sail From This Life, which is due to be independently released Friday, May 7.

The album cover for Queen Bonobo’s (aka Maya Goldblum) album Sail From This Life. Courtesy photo.

The three-track EP encapsulates themes of leaving behind feelings of fear and doubt to find love for yourself and others, as Goldblum was able to do when she relocated to the Emerald Isle in 2016 to study the music of her ancestors.

The musical arrangements behind Queen Bonobo’s unique vocals build a feeling of exploration reminiscent of the literal and figurative exploration Goldblum undertook in her Irish adventure. The instrumentation travels through sequences both jazzy and folksy, seemingly without traditional aim, creating a jam-band feel reminiscent of the trust and improvisation required to embark on a life-changing journey.

Goldblum recorded Sail From This Life a week before leaving Ireland, making it a true souvenir of her time abroad — complete with sounds of the ocean and the voices and instruments of the people she was fortunate to befriend while there. The EP serves as a snapshot of an artist at a crucial turning point in her creative life, finding herself as both a musician and a person of the world.

Listen to Queen Bonobo at, or on Spotify. Also find the artist on Facebook:

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