Bandwagon: Down North, July 19, The Hive

Names like James Brown, Sam Cooke and Prince come up when people talk about Down North. The Seattle-based four-piece, fronted by Anthony Briscoe, inhabits elements of all three iconic artists with its high-energy, dance-inflected brand of soul punk — swinging from soaring, emotive balladic lines to funky bass-driven psychedelic get-downs (courtesy of Brandon Storms) to power-packed rock numbers that feature the searing electric guitar work of Nick Quiller. 

Drummer Conrad Real provides the rhythmic support for Briscoe’s signature stage presence. A ballet-trained dancer, Briscoe infuses every performance with movement and verve that inevitably translates to the audience. If you aren’t dancing at a Down North show, you aren’t listening. 

— Zach Hagadone

Doors at 3 p.m., show at 9:30 p.m.; $10-$15; The Hive, 207 N. First Ave., 208-457-2392, tickets at Sample their 2018 album “No Retreat, Volume 1” at

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