Bandwagon: Tony Furtado, July 19, Di Luna’s

Tony Furtado’s meticulous, high-speed banjo and guitar work immediately evokes images of rolling through a red-clay country landscape somewhere in the South, but he’s 100% a Westerner: born and raised in Pleasanton, Calif., and living in Portland, Ore., where he’s made a name for himself as a premier Americana roots musician.

His brand of impeccable picking in a hybrid bluegrass/blues/folk/rock style is on full display with the January 2017 album “Cider House Sessions — Live at Reverend Nat’s.” The record features banjo and cello banjo, acoustic and slide guitar, mandolin and octave mandolin, accordion and fiddle — swirled together in a sometimes driven, sometimes dreamy, always-foot tapping whole that might feel Southern, but is really just American.

— Zach Hagadone

With Luke Price on fiddle, 7:30 p.m., $20, 207 Cedar St., 208-263-0846, Call for tickets and reservations.

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