The Straight Poop: Meadowbrook Home and Gift

By Drake the Dog
Reader Pet Columnist

Where am I taking my humans on this crazy day in Sandpoint?

The Mister and Missus woke me up at o-dark-hundred. Hence my morning constitutional schedule was off and breakfast was served on the fly. This is going to be the best day ever!

Meadowbrook owner Eric Blomdahl gives a little love to Drake.

Meadowbrook owner Eric Blomdahl gives a little love to Drake.

After our first round of sniffin’ out barkin’ good bargains, we head to the Cedar Street Bridge for a cup of Joe and a treat. The scent of Meadowbrook Home and Gifts overtakes the morning coffee aroma—lavender, pine, Thymes perfume, lotions, potions, candles—is all rolled into that smell that is most pleasing to humans and K9s as well.

Owners Eric Blomdahl and Angie Obie serve up my favorite local treats in my corner of the store (everything is devoted to dog lovers—pictures, cards, plaques, frames, blankets, pillows, etc). Welcome to my home! I’m drooling over the pillow that says, “All you need is love… and a dog.”

My tail waggin’ ceases when I see the sign, “You break it—you buy it.” I’ve got to be careful in this place. Meadowbrook Home and Gifts has prospered in Sandpoint for 11 years (six years in the Bridge). Eric, Angie and the staff love dogs. Bree’s Chocolate Lab, Ruger; her Brittany Spaniel, Gunner; and Taylar’s Walker Hound, Tank (13 weeks), are all chillin’ at home while I, mister man about town, am sweltering in this heat! In Meadowbrook, it is so cool—not only the temperature—it’s like home in here!

There is awesome furniture, rugs, lamps, linens and décor for every room. You name it, you got it. Meadowbrook has a little bit of everything that we all need to make our house our home.

Tigger, Eric and Angie’s Boxer, was the official shop dog for 10 years. I wish I would have known him. He watches over us and channels play dates to me often. Tigger was used in Meadowbrook’s advertising. Someday, they’ll get another fur baby. For now, they get their kicks when my four-footed friends come into the store. If they ask me to be their official shop dog, I’ll bark at the chance to make myself comfortable in each and every room of the store.

While in Meadowbrook, check out these tips for freshening up your home’s interior without breaking the bank:

1. Set the tone at the front door.

2. Light and neutral wall colors give the best decorating flexibility.

3. Make sure your sofa talks to your chairs.

4. Let sunshine in.

5. Hang at least one mirror in every room.

6. Scale artwork to your walls.

7. Anchor rugs under furniture feet.

8. Call in a pro to de-clutter.

9. Decorate with K9 friendly pillows and artwork.

Meadowbrook rules:

1. If you lift a leg, let them know.

2. Leashes required, please.

3. Be adorable and lap up the love!

4. Boomer’s Barley Biscuits—bet ya’ can’t eat just one!

5. It’s OK to try out the furniture, lay on the rugs and help your humans decide.

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