The Straight Poop: Doggy Deck Dining Part II

By Drake the Dog
Reader Pet Columnist

Where am I taking my humans today? The Mister put the top down on the convertible, and I’m sniffin’ out some serious summer doggie deck dining—Schweitzer style! Here we come, Tom Chasse!

Chimney Rock manager Kellie Pierce with Drake.

Chimney Rock manager Kellie Pierce with Drake.

I’m celebarking my real birthday on 7B Sunday at Chimney Rock Grill. Manager Kellie Pierce greeted us with a smile and a big hug. We had our pick of the litter, as all of the tables on the outside deck are for VIPs. Chimney Rock’s doggie deck dining specialties (paws up to the new chef) are hot diggity dogs, hamburgers and french fries. I love the sweet carrots from the salad bar!

The Mister ordered a Laughing Dog Rocket Dog Rye just for the occasion. I overheard that the libations team is paws-ibly working a drink to honor Chaco, Schweitzer’s ski patrol employee dog. According to his dad, Bill Williamson, the end result will be a pawsitive experience, as Chaco likes beer and chocolate. Pawsitive?

Next is dessert, French style at Gourmandie, which has been a Schweiter favorite for over seven years. The deck sails create a festive doggie deck dining experience. Manager Mikayla Wilkerson brought me my own water in a plastic Schweitzer cup. Slurp, slurp! Gourmandie offers over 200 local wines and features summer wine tasting on Saturdays and sangria on Sundays. There is a wide variety of goat, sheep and cow cheeses that folks can buy by the pound or have as appetizers. And don’t get me started on the French baguettes! Ooooo la-la! The team here makes as many menu items as they can from scratch using local ingredients. Mod’s Panini is named after Mikayla’s friend’s goat, Mod.

Well, it’s been a week since my birthday and party at Yappy Hour, and my recovery is now complete. I’m getting cabin fever, so I called up my uncle, Dr. G-string, to secure his Cobalt for the afternoon. Then I texted Belle, his 9-year-old British lab, (yeah, she’s a cougar, with no baggage and no pups), and asked her to go to lunch with me at Schweitzer owned Bottle Bay Resort. What a holiday weekend this has been. This is our third date in three days. We swam in the lake at Oden Bay, went to the Fourth of July parade, had a BBQ, and watched fireworks. We were a little late in leaving as Belle, like any girl, had to wash her hair first with doggie black pearl shampoo. After taking a sniff in the usual place, I complimented her on her fine pheromones. We donned our life vests, and Dr. G-String high tailed it to the restaurant. Manager Kelly Kennedy arranged for us to sit at one of the many VIP tables located on the two lower decks by the boat launch. There are many four-footed regulars here, and we were excited to socialize. After placing our order for the usual burgers, fries and beer we waited patiently on my blanket. What a great dog day afternoon!

Right: Gourmandie manager Mikayla Wilkerson with Drake.

Right: Gourmandie manager Mikayla Wilkerson with Drake.

Doggie Deck Dining Rules:

1. No peeing in the pool.

2. Forget your leash? No problem—mooring line works great!

3. Schweitzer doggie dining—load your ski pass with cashola, pay your tab with it, and make 5 percent on your dollar. What a dog-gone great investment!

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