Reader Quick Hits: April 30, 2020

  • Welp, we made it through April. To celebrate, read the latest issue of the Reader, which dropped today. Find out what type of puzzler you are, learn the basics of Governor Little’s “Idaho Rebounds” economic plan, read a recap of Tuesday night’s candidate forum and learn why, exactly, The Masked Singer is so damn addicting. Find the digital version here.

    A calf elk. Photo courtesy IDFG/James Brower.

  • Today, Gov. Little held a press conference announcing the end of Idaho’s stay-at-home order and the start of Stage 1 of his Idaho Rebounds plan to gradually reopen businesses. Catch the recap here.
  • Is Idaho ready to reopen? Will you venture out more now that the Idaho Rebounds plan has launched? The Idaho Statesman wants to know. Check out their poll here.
  • It’s springtime in Idaho, which means baby animals are beginning to populate our lands — including, in some cases, our backyards. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is spreading a PSA to remind people that young animals are better off left alone. Mature animals — whether they be elk or ducks — tend to leave their young in a place they deem secure in order to go off and feed, but then return. Despite good intentions, the best thing you can do for a fawn, calf or duckling is leave it alone. Enjoy its company and observe for a while, but leave it be. Read the whole IDFG release here.

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