Reader Quick Hits, April 20

  • Today is 4/20, a day forever associated with marijuana — but why? Turns out, the history of April 20 becoming Weed Day is pretty interesting. Here’s an enlightening read from TIME.
  • The Sandpoint City Council will be holding a special COVID-19 update meeting on Wednesday, April 22 at 5:30 p.m. See a draft agenda for the meeting here.
  • COVID and Schweitzer Mountain: Marilyn Stebbins, a UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy faculty member, recounts her experience being hospitalized with COVID-19 in March — just after visiting Sandpoint on a ski vacation in late February, where her symptoms began. Read her story in this post on the UCSF School of Pharmacy website.
  • Idaho students are starting jobs during soft school closures, and education officials have mixed feelings. Check out this story from the Idaho Statesman, which highlights Latino students doing farm work in East Idaho. Here’s a taste: “Senior Edwin Hernandez brings his Chromebook out to the rocky fields. He does homework or calls into virtual classroom meetings during his hour-long lunch break. … [S]mall video tiles gave a glimpse into the learning environments of his classmates. Most were in living rooms or bedrooms. Hernandez called in from the cab of a work truck parked in the middle of farmland.”

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