Ollerton steps down as BoCo Planning Director

By Lyndsie Kiebert-Carey
Reader Staff

When Bonner County commissioners voted May 24 to approve a request from the human resources department to recruit for three positions, one in particular signaled a change of guard among the county’s top-tier personnel: the request to recruit a new planning director.

Planning Director Milton Ollerton addresses the board of county commissioners during a public hearing in December 2019. Photo by Lyndsie Kiebert-Carey.

Milton Ollerton, who joined Bonner County as the planning director in spring of 2016, told the Reader that he gave his notice to the commissioners on May 12. His last official day in the position will be Friday, June 3.

“This is a full-circle decision, meaning that it was based on all aspects of my life, not just work,” Ollerton told the Reader. “I considered staying local, but have decided to move closer to family.”

Ollerton said that he believes “there has been a lot accomplished in the county” over the past six years.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working here with the county residents and the board,” he continued. “With new people come new ideas and new motivation. I am pleased with where the Planning Department has grown from and am excited to see where it will continue to grow in the future.”

Commissioners unanimously approved the request from HR, which will also seek employees to fill judicial assistant and clerk positions.

“As the growth continues in Bonner County, I look for good things to happen,” Ollerton told the Reader.

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