Mike’s Corner: It came to me

By Mike Wagoner
Reader Contributor

I hang tomato plants upside down in the windows of my cabin just before the frost, allowing all those green ones to slowly ripen as the late fall kicks in. It works pretty well… sort of a North Idaho way to extend the growing season. 

Different types of tomatoes. Courtesy photo.

I picked the last little bunch yesterday and then proceeded to take the lonely vines down. I had each plant fastened at the top of the windows with a little nail, which I pulled out one by one. As I reached up with the claw hammer and yanked on the last one, it launched out… I heard it land somewhere on my kitchen floor. I couldn’t find it no matter how meticulously I searched… finally I just let it go.

The days passed until I thought, time to sweep a little… I grabbed the broom from the corner and there it was… 

It was just a little nail, but it got me thinkin’ about how sometimes things reveal themselves to us on a schedule all their own. Those things we all yearn for… satisfaction, contentment, love. 

When I decided to quit trying to force it… just let it be… it came to me.

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