Lighten Up Part 2…

Dear Editor,

Just a quick response to your comments on “Lighten Up.”

You state that the subject post did indeed offend you, I said I was not offended and thought it was silly and gave me a laugh, in fact, I didn’t even consider racism until you brought it up in you comments. Again, I guess we can find “racism” in anything if we try hard enough, I guess we just see things differently and just have to agree to disagree.

I do agree with you 100 percent on your statement “If it’s racist, its no good.” However, isn’t the Black Lives Matter organization racist in itself as only black lives matter?

As a side note, even though I don’t always agree with you, I do have to compliment you on this fine community newspaper you put out. It’s a wealth of community information. But I still think you should “Lighten Up.”

C.P. Kattner


Let’s agree to disagree. Thanks for the compliments, though. Regarding Black Lives Matter, I don’t think their point is that ONLY black lives matter. It’s that black lives matter, TOO. There’s nothing racist about that, in my opinion.
-Ben Olson, Publisher

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