Beating a Dead Horse…

In the August 25, 2016 issue of the Reader Cameron Rasmusson’s comment after Ben Olson’s response to Vickey Babayco’s letter concluded with this: “We’re not in the practice of shutting out viewpoints.” Oh really?! So when Ben Olson banned me from the Reader, he didn’t mean it? Or is it just my point of view that has been singled out for exclusion? Is the Reader bipolar?
Let me remind you of what Ben Olson, in the May 26, 2016 issue of the Reader, wrote: “Let me tell you this: the articles you barrage me with under your pen name are rubbish. One of them enters the world of holocaust denial, which I consider cowardly and stupid. I refuse to publish such crap. GET A CLUE, Lee, we don’t want you here!” (That sounds like my point of view has been banned from the Reader.)
Several weeks ago I challenged Olson to appear with me in a public forum and go through the article he referred to, line by line, pointing out what it is in my article he considers denial of the Holocaust. I have not heard back from him as he knows there is not anything in my article that denies the Holocaust.
It is Olson who has behaved cowardly and stupid by calling me a Holocaust denier without having the balls to back it up. Grow a pair, Olson, and back up your cowardly and stupid words. (Should you grow a pair, I will pick the venue, not you).
I find it interesting that the Reader has distanced itself from my May 26, 2016 letter to the editor that Olson saw fit to title “From the Stupid Files…” as well as his hysterical name calling and ugly response following that letter. It is nowhere to be found on the Reader’s website. I don’t blame you, Olson, I woulda been embarrassed if I had written that hissy fit too.
By the way, Ben, I knew full well that articles I submitted using the pen name Rabbi Ayatollah Krishna would not be published by the Reader. I was counting on your political correctness. You did not disappoint.

Lee Santa

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