Is it Fair to Hate Trump…?

Dear Editor,

After being programmed by biased news reporting, it’s really no surprise that so many people hate president-elect Trump. It’s my opinion that most of this hatred is a result of mainstream media editing some of Trumps statements and purposely omitting key facts.

Example: The mainstream press has often stated that Trump is against immigration; that he said Mexican immigrants are rapists, killers and drug smugglers; that he will ban Muslims from entering our country, that he will start deporting illegal immigrants immediately.

Fact: Trump is against illegal immigrants (the word illegal almost always omitted). In fact, Trump has stated that legal immigrants are essential to making our country strong and prosperous.

He has stated that some illegal immigrants (again, the word “some” almost always omitted) are rapists, killers and drug smugglers, this is a fact that has been proven repeatedly in our country.

Trump wants a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country until they can be properly vetted. Even the Department of Homeland Security says it can’t properly vet Middle Eastern refugees because of the lack of a viable data base from that part of the world.

Trump has stated he would start deporting iliegals with criminal records, gang members and drug dealers immediately.

It’s amazing to me that the press won’t comment on his thousands of employees, men and women of all ethnic groups and religions who openly voice their praise and respect to this blue-collar billionaire.

My hope is that the left’s “all inclusive and tolerant” Trump haters would give  president-elect Trump a chance to “Make America Great Again.”

Cliff Kattner

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