Understanding Makes the World Better…

Dear Editor,

I am submitting this letter from my own personal email, on my own personal time. This is not a reflection of anyone else’s thoughts, just me. I’m writing to talk about my morning after the election, and the way some people conducted themselves in the wake of it on either side of the aisle. I saw several posts proclaiming jumping ship to Canada and how everything was about to go to hell. I also saw no less than three posts proclaiming “Hang the dirty Dems and their supporters!”. That’s a lot for my small friend list.

This behavior has no place in civilized society. If you take joking about death threats lightly, think of how it would make you feel if the night had gone differently, and someone were threatening you or your family with execution just because you thought differently than they do.

We are the home of the brave. That means we don’t run away every time things don’t go our way, and that means we don’t casually threaten our opposition when it has been beaten. We stand up, we speak how we feel, and we open our hearts and minds to compromise and understanding to make the future better for everyone.

Anger, fear and division drove us into a very nasty election. Continuing that pattern will only drive us deeper into that messed up rabbit hole.

We all want the same thing, we want our country and our community to succeed. We all have a different idea on how to get there in the end, so the next time you talk disagree with someone, don’t dismiss them or threaten them. Ask them why they feel the way they do.

Brenden Bobby
Clark Fork

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