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The year in re- and preview

By Zach Hagadone
Reader Staff

Yeesh. Where to begin? First of all, we’re quite aware that making predictions even in less tumultuous times is a fool’s practice. Yet, undaunted, that’s …

Legislative preview:

By Rep. Sage Dixon, R-Ponderay
Special to the Reader

With the advent of COVID-19 the standard thought process that most legislators use when preparing legislation was interrupted by the sudden …

Legislative preview:

By Sen. Jim Woodward, R-Sagle
Special to the Reader

The New Year is nearly upon us, which brings with it another legislative session here in Idaho. The Legislature will convene …

Coming out for the holidays

Sam Luikens
Reader Contributor

The holiday season is usually a time when many families gather together, some turning to the familiar and newly-minted traditions that offer comfort in the dark …

The caduceus

By Kathleen Huntley
Reader Contributor

When he was barely 18, and unable to vote in this country, my late husband had a caduceus tattooed on his upper right arm. He …


  • Killing Riley was wrong… About the police killing of a pregnant Jeanetta Riley
  • Petition event a success… Dear Editor, Thank you to everyone who helped make our first Get up...Stand up event a huge success.  We helped 20 people get registered to vote and received over 50 signatures on our New Approach Idaho Petition.  Thank you to Eichardt’s for hosting the event, Matt King for providing the music, ...
  • A call to action… Dear Editor, I am thankful to the Reader for following through on the story of our “Senior Tree” (this is my affectionate name for the 140-year-old Ponderosa Pine that graces the Senior Center Parking Lot). Our last letter was informing you of the grant to redo the undulating parking lot, and has ...
  • Challenge to climate change… Dear Editor, As a visitor passing through Sandpoint today, I enjoyed my brief time in this pretty town. But it was disappointing to open the local paper (June 18 issue) and see yet another media piece that failed to ask any tough questions challenging the alarmist narrative on global warming (now ...
  • If you can keep it… Dear Editor, During the founding of our Constitution, the motto was, “‘eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty.” We the people, need to be involved, educated and engaged, in order to maintain our liberties that are enumerated in the Constitution. Personal liberty requires personal responsibility. We all need to ...
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