A call to action…

Dear Editor,

I am thankful to the Reader for following through on the story of our “Senior Tree” (this is my affectionate name for the 140-year-old Ponderosa Pine that graces the Senior Center Parking Lot).

Our last letter was informing you of the grant to redo the undulating parking lot, and has left a huge outpouring from our citizens asking what they can do to save this Heritage Tree.

There are concerned and knowledgeable people working on this plan to follow through with the safety issues for our seniors in their parking lot, and to nurture and allow this incredible tree to  remain in its place as a marker while preserving a vital link to our past that lifts our spirits with its presence.

Living in Sandpoint, we are blessed with a history spoken through our old growth trees. We are fortunate in being designated a “Tree City USA” because our community is committed to caring for and managing our public trees. SO WHAT CAN WE DO?

Our Senior Center sits on city property and the grounds are cared for by the city. In order to save the tree from being cut down, we must come together as a community to raise the extra funds necessary to alter the original plan. We ask those of you interested,  to put on your thinking caps in order to SAVE THE TREE!

We must work quickly, as time is of the essence! Since this is city land, we must have the OK from our mayor as she and the city have the last word.

Please write or call with your pledges towards this great cause to Ellen Weissman of the Senior Center at 263 6860—[email protected]. WE CAN DO THIS!
Gail W. Lyster, Sandpoint

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