BoCo Republican Central Committee seeking applicants for county assessor

By Reader Staff

Following the announcement from Bonner County Assessor Grant Dorman that he would resign his office, citing health concerns, effective June 2, the Bonner County Republican Central Committee is seeking letters of interest from those interested in filling the position.

Idaho Code requires that the departing office holder’s political party provide a slate of three nominees for consideration by the board of county commissioners, which chooses one from among the list to serve as a replacement.

The BCRCC is beginning the nominating process now in order to supply names to the commissioners before Dorman’s resignation date. The committee asks that any person interested in serving as Bonner County assessor submit a request to be considered. Minimum qualifications are that the applicant be 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen and have resided in the county for at least one year immediately prior to being appointed.

The function of the office is to assess the value of properties within the county, including personal property, so that all properties are taxed in an equitable manner. Property taxes are then used to fund local taxing districts, such as schools, libraries, cities, the county itself, and fire, sewer and water districts.

To apply, submit a letter of interest with a resume and contact information to the BCRCC at [email protected], or call BCRCC Chair Scott Herndon at 208-610-2680.

“Time is of the essence due to the impending resignation of the current assessor, and the BCRCC would like to receive your letter of interest by the end of Monday, May 22, 2023,” the committee stated in a news release.

Upon receiving letters of interest by the deadline, BCRCC members will conduct interviews with the applicants, after which they will transmit their nominations to the commissioners. The commissioners will have up to 15 days from the date on which they receive the nominations to select a replacement for the position.

The new assessor will be expected to fill the office at that time and serve the remainder of the current elected term, which ends in January 2027. To remain in the position after that date, the assessor will need to file as a candidate to run in the 2026 election.

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