Christmas tree installed in Sandpoint

The Sandpoint Christmas tree is loaded up for transportation to Jeff Jones Town Square in Sandpoint. Photo by Travis Thompson

It’s officially the holiday season in Sandpoint with the installation of the town Christmas tree.

Worker crews installed the first of several trees donated for use by local governments in Jeff Jones Town Square Wednesday morning, which is traditionally viewed as the town’s official Christmas tree. Valued at around $300, the tree is donated by the Young Living Highland Flats Research and Distillery. At 30 feet in height, city officials said the grand fir struck an impressive presence beckoning residents into the holiday-season spirit from the Jeff Jones Town Square fountain.

According to Brett Packer, manager of the Naples-based Young Living Highland Flat Research and Distillery, they’re pleased to provide Sandpoint and Bonner County with a little holiday cheer. Indeed, they’re donating several trees to that purpose. In the coming days they’ll install a tree at Bonner County Fairgrounds as well as several others in city and county offices, Packer said.

Local Travis Thompson helped arrange the tree donation between Packer and local governments. He said it’s been an altogether satisfying experience spreading a little holiday cheer.

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