Yoga Feast

Feeding mind, body and soul

By Reader Staff

Bring your appetite for food and spiritual wellbeing to the 2019 Northwest Yoga Feast, which serves up a wide menu of workshops, presentations, conversations, live music, dance and — of course — delicious meals Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 19-21.

Hosted by the nonprofit Eureka Institute at its 42-acre Eureka Center in Sagle, the ninth annual Yoga Feast is broadly organized into four types of offerings: yoga; dance, art and massage; authentic relating; and music, ceremony and performance. More than a dozen experts and teachers from across the Northwest — including British Columbia — guide participants through the various workshops and programs, all geared toward improving physical, emotional and mental wellness. 

As event organizers put it, Yoga Feast is meant to “free the spirit, nourish the soul, feed the tummy.” That last part is courtesy of chef Karrian Neal, also known as Mama Bear, who specializes in whole foods-based meals using locally and consciously sourced ingredients. 

Neal’s culinary credentials include work at restaurants and retreats throughout the region. At Yoga Feast, she and her staff provide daily nourishment for attendees in a communal meal area.

“This magical, soul-satisfying food is designed to keep yoga bodies clean and strong,” Neal writes. “Healthy, fun, magical food is the fuel to keep your practice attuned and you’re mind open. Food is medicine, sacred and really should be a beautiful experience.”

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