The Straight Poop: Dog-Friendly Offices

By Drake the Dog
Reader Pet Columnist

Where am I taking my humans today?

I’m sniffin’ out dog friendly offices, and my first stop is the office of The Festival at Sandpoint, 525 Pine St.

The Missus needs to pick up the early bird passes. Everyone knows the Festival rule:“NO GUNS, DRUGS OR DOGS.” However, dogs at the Festival office are another case entirely. There are pups in the parking lot to greet me, and I can’t wait to get out of the car. Doggie handshakes all around!

The Festival is celebrating its 34th year, and Dyno Wahl, executive director for the Festival at Sandpoint, tells us that this year’s line-up is awesome! The first night kicks off with a brew-fest and fireworks, and she anticipates potential sell outs.

Inside the office there is water, treats and tricks for the fur babies. The dogma, according to Dyno, is “never let your children in their 20s get a dog. You will end up owning it.”  So true, as Tamara Verby’s Sir George Michael III originally belonged to her daughter (over 20). When she left for law school, the Verbys adopted him. He performs spins and twirls for treats.

Carol Winget’s black lab mix, Porter, belonged to her niece and nephew (both over 20). They moved away, and Carol adopted him. When he was a puppy, his tail got run over by a horse trailer, and it had to be amputated. So Carol asked Dyno if she could bring him to the office during his recovery. The rest is history.

Porter has been the official greeter for 12 years. “He pees like a wiz kid,” said Winget.

He also dresses up in Festival T-shirts, and sits at the counter with his reading glasses on. Festival pups—please take a bow-wow!

Frequent Festival office groupies are India, Marcella Nelson’s four-pound Miniature Poodle; David Marx’s Australian Shepherd ,Shilo; Kathy and Chris Chambers’ Bella (a frequent visitor to Auntie Dyno’s office where she hides under the desk) and Bob Boyle’s Chico. As Dyno puts it, “Chico is a “poi” which is Hawaiian for “dogs who we do not know what they are.”

OK at the office:

Dyno Wahl, Porter, Tamara Verby, Sir George Michael III, Drake, Carol Winget.

Dyno Wahl, Porter, Tamara Verby, Sir George Michael III, Drake, Carol Winget.

1. Drop the leash—Festival pups handshake outside (you know what we mean). After handshake, come inside for a cookie with Porter and Sir George III.

2. All K9 breeds that purchase a Festival pass, tickets, or make a donation get a treat.

No way at the office:

1. Lift a leg before entering—but not in the Community Garden.

2. Fur babies not allowed at the Festival.

Over on the next block I meet my BFF and neighbor, Grady (a Chocolate Lab) and his mom and dad, Tom and Julie Nolan. They are agents at Keller Williams Realty; located at 120 S. Second Ave.

It’s a doggie play-day today with Grady, Badger, Kona and Jacket. Grady is lying on the tile by the front door. He is the official office greeter. The director of first impressions, Yvette, always has treats in her drawer. The Keller Williams team of agents, who have been serving Sandpoint for seven years, are very respectful and always ask clients if they would like to bring their dogs with them. Lisa recently brought her retriever, Buffett, to a showing. The couple showed up to see the house and remarked, “If Buffett can be this happy here, so can our dog.”  House sold! Paws up, Lisa!

Grady tags along on showings with Tom and Julie. He sniffs out all the best properties, and he can find any water source. Toby Atencio’s Jacket is a versatile hunting dog and finds every trail on the property.

The real estate experience can be intimidating and sometimes stressful.  My fur buddies on the Keller Williams team have a way of lowering stress levels, helping folks become more comfortable, which aids the buying decision process.   It’s amazing what a few strokes on the head or a shake-a-paw can do!

Badger, Angela Henney, Talley (in her arms), Drake, Julie and Tom Nolan, Grady, Kona, Lisa Holder, Toby Atencio, and Jacket.

Badger, Angela Henney, Talley (in her arms), Drake, Julie and Tom Nolan, Grady, Kona, Lisa Holder, Toby Atencio, and Jacket.

Keller Williams’ seasoned Sandpoint senior agents specialize in residential, commercial, luxury, land, farms and waterfront properties. Realtor of the Year (2014), Julie Nolan and the Keller Williams team annually participate in National Red Day events. They have given complimentary labor for a day to Panhandle Animal Shelter, the Senior Center, Kinderhaven, ReStore and the Healing Garden. The agents and their dogs consistently give back to their community, which has given so doggone much to them.

Keller Williams YES please:

1. Smile, breathe, relax and enjoy the office.

2. Don’t worry, be happy.

3. Cold water and treats for fur babies.

4. Enjoy the cool entry tile with Grady.

5. Bring your camera!

Before entering:

1. Do your doggie business outside.

2. Leave your outside bark in the car.

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