The Straight Poop:

Flying Fish Co.

By Drake the Dog
Reader Columnist

Where am I taking my humans on this chilly fall day?

In the words of John Denver, “If I had my druthers, I’d go fishing, find myself a lake and a lazy day.”

The next best thing is to visit Rob and Sue Harper at the Flying Fish Co., 620 N. 5th (in front of Safeway), which was originally opened  in 1979 by Craig Gildersleeve. He retired and sold the market to Rob and Sue about year ago. They are Sandpoint locals and have been dedicated Flying Fish customers since 1992.

Rob and Sue Harper, owners of Flying Fish Co. with their new buddy Drake.

Rob and Sue Harper, owners of Flying Fish Co. with their new buddy Drake.

Rob’s career started as a commercial fisherman, based out of San Diego, fishing the waters of El Salvador, Columbia and Costa Rica. He became the owner of Northwest Concrete. When he retired, he wanted to bring his life full circle, so he bought Flying Fish Co. Sue worked at the Pend Oreille Vet Clinic (that’s why she loves me so much!). Now, she  works 4/10 for Dr. Lewis DDS, and is the chief fish lady at FF Co.   Both Rob and Sue are foodies and they love entertaining their friends and four-footed children.

FF Co. has some exclusive smoked products that would make great beggin’ appetizers for the upcoming holiday season; Smoked Salmon, Smoked Almonds (Sue’s idea) and Smoked cheeses (my favorite). Robbie said he’d make me a little something to warm my tummy—his  FF Co., smoked cheese omelet—which will pair nicely with my kibble for breakfast.

But wait, there’s more; fish appetizers, fish side dishes and fish main dishes, oh my!

Pickled herring, lox, cocktail and regular shrimp, crab cakes, ahi tuna, shucked oysters, famous cocktail and tarter sauces, sushi fixings’ (rollers, wrappers, sushi rice, wasabi, pickled ginger), sashimi grade tuna yellow fin, hamachi collars, calamari, tobico, unagi and octopus—and Robbie’s own special salmon rub mix! Amazing how all of that fish, customers and four-footed friends fits in the store!

The mission of Flying Fish is to “provide their customers with the freshest, competitively priced sustainable seafood in the Panhandle.”

FF Co. works with distributors in Seattle, Spokane, Oregon and Alaska.  The fish is delivered to them fresh each Tuesday and Thursday. The best sellers include the certified organic King Salmon and Idaho Ruby Trout. The Mr. is watching for holiday fresh crab and lobster specials.  Check out their website and their Facebook page, and tell your human to sign up for their weekly e-newsletter.  (The Missus put a bug in the ear of the former owner about an e-newsletter, and the rest is history). Special orders are always welcome.

Fish oil for dogs? Heck yea! I Googled learned the benefits of Icelandic fish oil for dogs.

Check these benefits out; healthy skin & glistening coat, decreased inflammation, increased stamina, improved immune system, decreased shedding, adds moisture to dry, irritated skin, and may be used to enhance my appetite by adding an appealing fish flavor. Advanced research and case studies continue show evidence that the benefits of Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids are renewed energy, protection against Auto Immune Diseases, reduced risk of stroke, keeps blood triglycerides in check and the antioxidant properties lower the risk of cancer. Wowza!

Sue confessed that they used to have a chocolate lab. But since they are so busy with their FF Co., they now have time for their mechanical toy puppy!  “Woo woo yeah. Makes me giggle, can’t sit down,” (from the JD tune “Druthers”) I’m going to FF Co!

FF Co. fish shack rules are:

•No barking (you’ll wake the shrimp).

•Chill on the ‘patio’ while your human shops inside.

•There is always fresh clean water in the bowl on the patio.

•Go inside, and offer a trick- you’ll get a grain free treat.

•Save the salmon and tuna for the kitties.

•Nose art on the door? A-ok

Fun fact: get ready for the fish party! January 2016 is their first anniversary! 

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