Support the Panida and share the Valentine’s love

By Reader Staff

Got a crush on someone? Want a cute way to send them some love? 

Workers assess the Panida’s marquee for a future restoration. Photo by Foster Cline.

Show your support for the Panida Theater and spread some love of your own by taking part in the Panida Secret Admirer Valentine Program.

This clever fundraiser aims to give secret admirers a way to show their affections — while also giving some assistance to our community theater during these troubled times.

For just a $10 contribution, the Panida will hand-deliver your anonymous Valentine, sweetened with two pieces of chocolate. The program is open for delivery to addresses anywhere in Sandpoint, Kootenai and Ponderay.

To sign up, go to and enter the portal. The $10 you donate will be dedicated to help fund the restoration of the marquee, which is in desperate need of repair. After filling out the giver/recipient form, your handmade Valentine and chocolate gift will be delivered on Saturday, Feb. 13. The last day to order a Valentine is Monday, Feb. 8, so don’t delay. Show some love, Sandpoint.

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