Summer Camp Guide 2021

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

There are a lot of great summer camp options in this region. Here’s our annual guide for parents to find the right choice of camp for their kiddos — updated for 2021.

Photo by Ahmed Zayan.


Cocolalla Bible Camp

Ages 9-18 and family


Swimming, canoeing, paddle boats, water sports, team sports, fishing, etc.


For nearly 50 years, Cocolalla Bible Camp has been a leading local option for faith-based summer entertainment. The robust summer program includes weeks of activities for campers of various ages. Teen camp for 13-18 years (July 11-16), ages 11-12 years (July 18-22), ages 9-10 years (July 25-29) and ages 7-8 years (Aug. 1-5). All camps are Sunday through Thursday except the teen camp, which is Sunday through Friday.

Over the course of their week-long adventure, campers have access to varied activities, including canoeing, swimming, paddle boats, volleyball, horseback riding, Frisbee golf, and team sports like baseball and basketball. Along with the traditional summer camp experiences comes a focus on scriptural education, with regular chapel sessions and Bible studies rounding out daily activities. 

For questions or further details, email [email protected]

Schweitzer Summer Adventure Camp

Ages 6-10

First week of camp is June 21-25, last week is Aug. 16-20

Hiking, crafts, swimming, village activities.

208-255-3081 ext. 2152

Camp costs $199 ($189 for Schweitzer passholders) per child, per week, and includes transportation from the bottom of the mountain. Campers get to hike, ride the chairlift, play games in the village, climb the rock wall, sluice to find gemstones, swim daily, use the trampoline jumper and more. 

Registration begins online May 1.

Twin Eagles Summer Camps

Ages 6-18 

Six different camps over six weeks.


Day camps: June 14-July 16

Ages 6-13

Wilderness Survival Day Camp — Session 1: June 14-18, Session 2: July 5-9

Crafts and Foraging Day Camp: June 21-25  

Nature Ninjas Day Camp: July 12-16

Overnight camps: Late July-Aug.

Ages 10-13: July 25-30

Ages 13-18: Aug. 2-8

Day and residential. Embodied nature connection mentoring. Wilderness survival, nature awareness, animal tracking, primitive skills, natural crafts, wild edible and medicinal plants.

Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education (SOLE)

Ages 4-17


Outdoor science day camps, outdoor leadership day camps and outdoor leadership backcountry expeditions.

928-351-SOLE (7653)

[email protected]

During the summer months, 501c3 experiential education nonprofit Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education utilizes local landscapes to help youths unplug and reconnect to develop a sense of belonging and affinity for nature. Summer programs have a thematic design so every “SOLE Experience” is unique session to session, year to year. All camp sessions are led by credentialed staff and feature low instructor-to-student ratios, ensuring that participants’ needs are met.

Music Conservatory of Sandpoint Camps:


Summer Academy 2021

Two session of camps — July 19-30 and Aug. 2-13

Registration now open. Call MCS office to register and for questions.

The Majors

Orchestra major: beginner and advanced

Session 2: Aug. 2-13, morning major and full day (advanced)

Orchestra camp will span two weeks this year, with an advanced and a beginner orchestra. MCS will host Jan Pellent as the guest conductor to lead participants through the second week and an exciting final performance. Sylvia Rannette will serve as director.

Ages 9 and older.

Wizard of Oz: theater major 

Session 1: Aug. 2-13, afternoon major

Campers will join the fun with fellow students in creating the land of Oz, based on the fantastic (non-musical) version of Wizard of Oz by Erik Detrick. Students will be immersed in the whole theatrical production process — from auditions to set making and more. Instructors include Keely Gray-Heki with Ali Thomas.

Ages 8-18. No experience needed 

Musical theater major

Session 2: Aug. 2-13, afternoon major

For the first time MCS will offer a fantastic musical theater camp, in which students will work together on group numbers from popular Broadway classics. Participants should come prepared to dance, sing and stretch their acting muscles with this fast-paced, energetic camp. Some singing experience required. This offering is more advanced and fast-paced then the regular theater camp. Instructors include Keely Gray-Heki and Matt Goodrich, with Ali Thomas.

Ages 10 and older.

Piano major

Session 1: July 19-30, morning major

Piano camp is a two-week program designed to build ensemble and composition skills for piano students with at least three years of study. Students will have the opportunity to learn duets, develop their own music and perform in a concert at the end of the camp. Piano camp is led by Melody Puller and Matt Goodrich.

Ages 9 and older.

Choir major

Session 2: Aug. 2-13, morning major

Camp attendees will make musical friends while improving their singing skills. Led by Janice Wall and Sarah Caruso

Ages 8 and older.

Percussion major

Session 1: July 19-30, morning major

Learn the elements of tempo, beat and rhythm. Ali Thomas will lead students in practicing precision timing.

Ages 8 and older.

Chimes major

Session 1: July 19-30, afternoon major

Hand chimes are a beautiful way to make music together. Learn a new instrument this summer. Led by Janice Wall.

Ages 8 and older.


Choose from classes on ukulele, instrument art, games for the whole performer and recorder. Also offered are music games, music exploring, and music improvisation and songwriting.

Morning majors run from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Afternoon majors run from 11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Cost for MCS Summer Academy

1 Major: $95

2 Majors: $125

3 Majors: $200

4 Majors: $225

2 Electives are included

Sandpoint Waldorf School camps

Contact the Sandpoint Waldorf School for more information and registration forms. 208-265-2683

[email protected]

Sun, Dirt and Bugs Day Camp

Ages 4-6 years

July 5-30, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. 

Summer is meant to be spent outdoors. At SWS, camp participants will enjoy summer days of imaginative play under the guidance of early childhood teachers. Activities include nature walks, water play, cooking, gardening, crafts, storytelling, music and more. Snack is provided. Students bring their own lunch, sun protection and swim wear (so campers can play in the sprinklers). Weekly enrollment available.

Celebrating Cultures around the World 

Ages 6-12 

July 5 – 30, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Each day, camp attendees will focus on a different culture through crafting, gardening, drama, stories and playing games, as well as stories. For lunch, participants will prepare a traditional meal from the culture of the day, with food harvested from the school garden. Campers will compile their own recipe book. The entire day will be spent outdoors, with time in the afternoon for water play and outings.        

Note: We try our best to include all summer camp options with this annual guide, but if your camp wasn’t included in this listing — or if you have updated information — please contact Publisher Ben Olson at [email protected] and we’ll make sure to publish your information in a future edition of the Reader.

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