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A thankful fall

It’s been one hell of a fall.  I can’t even wrap my head around everything that has gone on. No matter what your politics are, or where you live, you can’t help but feel like a bystander watching two bullies go at it. The negativity has been overwhelming. It is for this reason that I have decided to embrace the upcoming holiday, and write a gratitude list.

I am grateful for:

1. Snappy old ladies at discount stores. I was recently at the Dollar Store when a friend said “hi” to me from the other line. We were chatting, and I remarked that I was bummed that the dollar store didn’t carry regular Jell-O, and that I would be forced to embark on a journey straight to the depths of Walmart. The old lady behind me in line told me, “You have nothing to complain about, at least you have a choice.” I guess she told me, and I am grateful for it, because maybe I shouldn’t complain ever, because life sucks when you don’t have a choice where to buy Jell-O.

2. Cat Videos. No matter how much complaining and misinformation we ingest from social media, there are still videos of cats being terrified by cucumbers, and that shit will brighten even the darkest of days.

3. Beards. Culturally speaking, there is a war out there. A war against pubic hair and man buns. It’s ugly. So many people going around just harvesting hair, for reasons beyond my understanding. Thankfully, they haven’t gone after rugged sexy facial hair. We are still allowed to enjoy a good beard, and those men willing to go the extra mile to grow them. I believe it’s still frowned upon for women to have any hair on any part of their body, especially facial hair. Perhaps next year, ladies. Until then, hopefully someone can keep you warm with their beard.

4. Understanding of redneck culture. I am grateful to live in a place where the people are allowed to be as wild and free as the animals. Being a native Idahoan has given me freedoms, and a unique perspective that many others in our country will never enjoy. I am college educated, can shoot a gun, consider myself feminist, raise bi-racial children, and yet I can see and even understand my conservative family members and neighbors. I respect other people’s values, and I believe that more often than not, mine are respected in return. I find it very insulting when people are bashed for their beliefs. Hate is hate; it doesn’t matter what side it comes from.

5. Hillary Clinton. I am thankful that she ran for president and gave women hope.  Hillary fought hard, and has for many years. No matter what her politics, she is a good example of what it means to have a backbone and proved that not only do women belong in politics, they can rise to the top.

6. Donald Trump. I am grateful that this man chose to run for office and in doing so, proved to the entire country that we are in desperate need of a system change. There are many, many more points of view in this country than two. The fact that we are led to believe that only a Democrat or Republican can be president is false. After all, Donald Trump wasn’t even a politician until he ran, and he is president. Go figure.

7. Alcohol. It never disappoints, and has been the one thing that makes listening to people blab about politics and shooting elks bearable.

8. The Cubs. Proof that anything can happen.

9. Love. I am grateful that I am surrounded by the best family, friends and coworkers that anyone could ever ask for and each and every day, I am grateful  to be able to  love and be loved in return.

10. Thankful it’s over and I can sip on a cocktail while snuggling up with a handsome bearded man, taking turns videoing our kitten.

Scarlette Quille

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