SHS Science Circuit

By Erin Meek
Reader Contributor

Students, friends and scientists alike: Come together in triumph as Sandpoint High School’s fifth-annual Science Circuit is back, and the entire community is welcome.

Visitors will be able to explore 30 interactive exhibits, ranging from snowflake structure, to fiber optics to acid rain and aquatic ecosystems at the molecular level. While the topics may sound complex, the hands on and participant-friendly stations encourage children and adults to see the science in everyday life.

Students from the Honors Chemistry, Physics and AP Environmental Science classes have been investigating a scientific topic of their choosing, creating hypotheses, testing these hypotheses and developing a fun exhibit. Students have also contacted experts in their respective field of study to make sure their presentation is accurate and credible.

I started my research on snow science in early October and became passionate about how snow works and how the different layers interact with each other. I soon got connected with the Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education (SOLE) organization and began to apply my knowledge of snow science in the real world. I assisted in teaching fifth and sixth grade SnowSchool, an environmental educational platform from the Winter Wildlands Alliance that teaches students about snow ecology. From this experience, I collected “real-world” data and was able to use it in my presentation.

The Science Circuit has raised over $10,000 in grants and donations over the years from community members that has strengthened the science curriculum at the high school and made the Science Circuit possible.

The Science Circuit is Thursday, March 8 and is open to the public 4-6 p.m. in the SHS gym. For more information, contact Mamie Brubaker at [email protected]. Erin Meek is a senior at Sandpoint High School in honors chemistry.

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