Sandpoint Rotary announces 2020 scholarships

By Reader Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic could not dampen the optimism and enthusiasm of local high school seniors planning for the future, as they applied for scholarships to continue their studies this fall. The Rotary Club of Sandpoint awarded scholarships to 13 area students who demonstrated achievement in scholarship and leadership, and, most of all, exemplified the club’s motto of “service above self.” 

The local service club is made up of nearly 100 members from all areas of business dedicated to improving the community and the world. One aspect of this goal is to support students who are intent on the same purpose: making this world a better place through individual and collective efforts. 

Funds for local scholarships are raised in part through proceeds from annual events for the Sandpoint Rotary Charitable Trust, including an annual Mystery Gala, golf tournament and CHAFE 150 bike ride. Although the club canceled or postponed some of its benefit events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rotary is still awarding the scholarships as planned and wishes to congratulate and celebrate the following students for their accomplishments and future plans: 

Charlie Abbott, Clark Fork High School, will attend North Idaho College for itsHVAC program and looks forward to a career in that field. 

Tyler Almeida, Sandpoint High School, will attend Montana Tech as a pre-apprentice lineman, with a goal to travel the country working as an electrical lineman. 

Brie Dillon, Sandpoint High School, will attend Whitworth University, majoring in civil engineering, and plans to use her degree to build accessible water supplies in developing countries. 

Isabel Edwards, Sandpoint High School, will attend Boise State University, where she will pursue a nursing degree to become a labor and delivery nurse. 

Abigail Hendricks, Sandpoint High School, will attend University of Memphis, pursuing a degree in public relations, with a goal to be a PR manager at a large company with a career that includes travel. 

Taylor James, Sandpoint High School, will attend University of Idaho, majoring in political science/international studies, followed by law school, with a goal to become an environmental lawyer to help preserve natural resources. 

Ellie Kiebert, Clark Fork High School, will attend Spokane Falls Community College, where she will major in natural resource management while playing volleyball for the SFCC Sasquatch. After two years, she will transfer to University of Idaho to pursue a degree in natural resource conservation and hopes to become an outdoor educator in a national park. 

Emilia Lynch, Sandpoint High School, will attend Boise State University, majoring in psychology en route to a career as an occupational therapist so she can continue to serve those around her in her own unique way. 

Shelby Mohler, Sandpoint High School, will attend Williston State College in North Dakota to earn a nursing degree with a goal to become a labor and delivery nurse. 

Sage Saccomanno, Sandpoint High School, will attend Bard College in Annandale-on-the-Hudson, New York, majoring in environmental studies and political science, with a goal to become an environmental lawyer. She also has political aspirations to serve in public office to make a positive difference. 

Mikayla Schoening, Sandpoint High School, will attend Idaho State University to earn a degree in dental hygiene, with an ultimate goal of becoming a pediatric dentist who travels to developing countries to perform surgeries and promote dental hygiene.

Jake Shur, Sandpoint High School, will attend Montana State University, majoring in mechanical engineering while also participating in MSU’s ROTC program. He aspires to a career that is both enjoyable and challenging. 

Jenny Slaveck, Sandpoint High School, will attend Colby College in Waterville, Maine, to study economics followed by business school. She plans to create her own nonprofit for children who have lost a parent to cancer, with global reach, yet based here in Sandpoint “to help give back to the community that has given me so much.” 

The Rotary Club of Sandpoint salutes these fine young members of our community as they head out into the world to make a positive difference. In light of canceled fundraising events, the club also invites those who wish to support Rotary’s local scholarships and educational programs to send tax deductible donations to Sandpoint Rotary Charitable Trust, PO Box 1666, Sandpoint, ID 83864. For more information on getting involved in Rotary activities and events contact Club President Mel Dick at 208-610-5578.

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