Reader Quick Hits: May 20, 2020

COVID-19 update: The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare reported another 30 confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus in Idaho on Wednesday, May 20. The new cases bring Idaho to over 2,500 cases of coronavirus, with 77 deaths reported statewide. Idaho is currently in stage 2 of the Idaho Rebounds reopening plan introduced by Gov. Brad Little. Stage 3 is expected to begin May 30 barring any spikes in coronavirus cases or mitigating circumstances.

Worldwide, the World Health Organization announced today that more cases had been reported to the agency in the last 24 hours than any time since the novel coronavirus outbreak began. Over 106,000 cases were reported to WHO, almost two-thirds from just four countries: The United States, Russia, Brazil and India. To date, there have been over 5 million cases of coronavirus reported worldwide and more than 329,000 deaths attributed to the virus – almost a third of which have come from the United States.


The Idaho Department of Labor is warning people about scams targeting people who did not file a claim for unemployment benefits. The department said incidents of fraud are being reported in increasing numbers across the country. Scammers are using detailed information obtained through past cyber breaches and are attempting to use that information to file claims under those names.

The department said when approached by anyone seeking information if you did not file a claim, you should send an email to [email protected]. Those emailing the department are asked not to include any personally identifiable information such as a Social Security number. Labor Department employees will follow up and gather more information about the potential scam. Also, employers who notice a claim has been filed for one of their employees who is still working should also alert the department.

Anyone seeking more information can visit the Idaho Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division website or call 800-432-3545. 


The Bonners Ferry City Council passed a city-wide ordinance making it a misdemeanor to defecate or urinate on or in view of public property after a spate of calls were placed to the Bonners Ferry Police department reporting residents relieving themselves in public spaces.

The increase in calls reporting micturating and defecating residents is most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic shuttering public restrooms around the city. Bonners Ferry city attorney Andrakay Pluid said most of the incidents were intentional, almost like a punishment for the city closing public restrooms. Pluid said the ordinance passed at the city council meeting was necessary because current statutes do not cover bathroom use in public spaces.


The community of Hope and Hope Marina announced today that they have canceled their July 4 celebration for 2020 due to COVID-19 and social distancing. “Thank you for your past support and we all look forward to 2021,” Hope Marina owner Pam Auletta wrote in a press statement.

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