Reader Quick Hits: May 14, 2020

  • Idaho Governor Brad Little announced today that the state would move into Stage 2 of his Rebound Idaho economic reopening plan on Saturday. The plan was also altered to allow bars to reopen in Stage 3, which begins May 30, rather than in Stage 4 as was originally planned. Read coverage of the governor’s press conference here.
  • Small businesses can access a 30-day supply of PPE from the state by applying through this website. Read the entire press release on the program from the governor’s office here.
  • Idaho will move into Stage 2 of the Rebound Idaho plan Saturday, but this Idaho Statesman piece asks — is it a good idea to begin frequenting restaurants, gyms and salons just yet? And are business owners ready?
  • A 4.4 magnitude earthquake shook Idaho yesterday, coming from the same place as the 6.5 earthquake felt March 31. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the May 13 quake came from 21 miles northwest of the rural mountain town of Stanley. Read more here.
  • Bonner County Commissioner Dan McDonald took to Facebook today with text from an email he sent to the Idaho Association of Counties’ elected District 1 officials. District 1 encompasses the five most northern counties in the state. His letter questioned the need for District 1 to abide by the governor’s current Rebound Idaho COVID-19 restrictions, calling for “District 1 and the State, to take the lead and get our business[es] open again.” Read his post here.

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