Reader Quick Hits: Friday, April 17

  • Panhandle Health District reported April 17 that the number of lab-confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Bonner County remains four. No deaths have been reported in the district and, according to state monitoring, social distancing and other mitigation methods appear to be slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Idaho. However, as Governor Brad Little said in a video message April 16, “we have not yet seen a prolonged downward trend, as recommended by the president, to justify opening up everything at once.” The state reported 1,655 cases throughout Idaho, with the death toll at 43, and added 46 cases today. Meanwhile, total cases in the district rose to 50, with the remaining 46 cases in Kootenai County. Follow daily updates here.
  • Blanchard Republican Rep. Heather Scott called Gov. Little “Little Hitler,” referring to his stay-at-home public health order. Read more here.
  • The Idaho High School Activities Association announced April 17 that all state tournaments have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to IHSAA: “We empathize with the students, schools and communities that this decision impacts.  The IHSAA also understands the disappointment that this will have on our student participants, especially the seniors who were looking forward to a final culminating event.” For more on how Sandpoint High School seniors are reacting to COVID-19 and its effect on their final year of secondary school, read it  their own words here, Part 1 of “The Year That Never Was.” Look for Part 2 in the April 23 edition of the Sandpoint Reader. Read the full IHSAA news release here.
  • U.S. deaths from COVID-19 reached their highest one-day total April 16 with 4,591. Read more here.
  • Some area residents gathered to protest Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s stay-at-home order April 17, calling the move “tyranny.” Among the speakers was Blanchard Republican Rep. Heather Scott, who said, “Idaho will never comply with nonsense.” Watch a video of the demonstration, courtesy of the Facebook group Educated Debauchery, here.
  • Let’s talk turkey: Idaho Fish and Game opened the 2020 spring turkey hunting season April 15. Hunting seasons have not changed, though there are some new rules regarding permits, tags and sales. Be sure to check IDFG for the most up-to-date info here.

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