Mayor Logan’s last actions to include refugee resolution

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

A mayoral proclamation welcoming refugees in Sandpoint will be among Mayor Carrie Logan’s last actions in office.

Mayor Carrie Logan.

Mayor Carrie Logan.

According to Logan, the proclamation will occur at the beginning of the Jan. 6 council meeting. Afterward, councilman and mayor elect Shelby Rognstad will be sworn in as Sandpoint mayor, and the council will vote on a resolution similar in content to Logan’s proclamation.

“[Rognstad] is using my draft for the resolution, so they are the same,” Logan said.

The text of the resolution reinforces Sandpoint’s longstanding public commitment to human rights and non-discrimination. It then observes that fear and paranoia has risen since the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, with some responses containing historically racist or xenophobic characteristics.

“…Terror is caused by people of varied ethnic, religious and political backgrounds,” the resolution reads. “…Thoughts of Nazi Germany, Japanese internment camps, McCarthyism,  and the Ku Klux Klan come to mind.”

The resolution then concludes by reinforcing Sandpoint’s commitment to tolerance, non-discrimination and diversity and welcoming any properly-screened refugees into the city.

“…Although well-intentioned, discussions of banning groups of people due to their religion is counter to the Constitution and the historical practices of this country,” the resolution states.

According to Logan, the proclamation and resolution are, in part, a response to the anti-refugee resolution passed by Bonner County commissioners. While the proclamation is a simple mayoral action, the resolution will require a majority council vote to pass.

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9 Responses

  1. rockholm says:

    They will not be allowed, period!

  2. Sam i am says:

    This mayor must be mentally deranged and has a problem with mental clarity to understand the issue and background history. It has nothing to do with discrimination it has to do with Security. She convolutes issues and even brings in the KKK for what reason of illogic is that. Why does she not bring up the Knights Templer too who were defenders for the people against the muslim attacks in the past. Learn the real history to what this muslim cult is about and the wars and killing they have committed over the centuries. What about my human rights??? Where are they going to stay at Logan’s house?? What will their invasion produce??? Where will the money come from?? Why not tell them to sent tents up outside where they are coming from and work their own issues and problems out. They represent an IDEOLOGY of terror NOT a religion of PEACE. They don’t want Christians and other people in their countries.

  3. Audioplus93 says:

    The heck with the Council (they and all can be recalled, Mayor Carrie Logan is the only one leaving office, she can continue to ignore the wishes of the citizens), it should require a Special General Election of the registered voters.

  4. Gay Warner says:

    Is this meeting open to the public, is anyone going, and are comments allowed? Is it too late for us?

  5. Enrique Pablo Escoban says:

    Since when is a refugee automatically a Muslim terrorist?

  6. Manna Made says:

    Here’s a good reason why it’s VERY BAD IDEA with 6,021,706 views in 60 days it pretty much sums it up.

    AND unlike the E.U. we have the solution has one man in France demonstrates

    It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not actually a Muslim issue, will at least the problem does not represent 80% of the Muslims, it does represent an economic class and one radical faction of Islam which are Wahhabist.

    Other issues to consider are where will they be housed, where are the jobs for them?

    The majority of Refugee’s are young men, something to consider. They act like mercenary soldiers with their raping, pillaging and plunder.

    In any case it would not be fair to the refugee’s to bring them here because of the prejudice that has formed against them due to their behavior in Europe.

    • Don says:

      Europe has huge problems because of their actions. We shouldn’t make the same mistakes that will hang us forever!

  7. John Dedon says:

    Stupid politicians, you can remove them pretty easily!

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