Litehouse presents check to YMCA to help fund youth programs

Partnership will bring Safe Sitter and Junior Lifeguard programs to Sandpoint Community

By Reader Staff

Litehouse, Inc. on May 7 presented a check to the local YMCA, which bears the company’s name, to help fund two programs focused on training and empowering local youth in valuable life skills.

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The partnership with the Litehouse YMCA to launch the Safe Sitter and Junior Lifeguard programs for the Sandpoint community help bring important training and education to children and adolescents.

The Safe Sitter program is designed to teach adolescents important babysitting skills. Not only does this program help keep our children safe, it also provides valuable skills to local youth to be able to earn money by offering babysitting services. 

In addition, the Junior Lifeguard program will also help children in the community by providing important lifeguarding skills and training around water safety. The program is designed for youth ages 12-15 that are strong swimmers and have an interest in helping others or pursuing a career in lifeguarding. 

Litehouse YMCA Branch Executive Tammy Campbell stated, “It is important that we continue to teach our young people that water safety in our area needs to remain a top priority for everyone.”

“Litehouse is committed to having a positive impact on the communities where our employees live and work,” said Litehouse President and CEO Kelly Prior. “We value the importance of education and youth skills development to inspire and nurture the potential of our communities’ children, and are extremely excited to partner with the YMCA to bring these initiatives to life.”

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