To Speaker Ryan…

Dear Speaker Ryan,

My name is Bob Over, and I live in Sagle, Idaho.

I am deeply concerned with the direction that you, as the Speaker of the House, and the Republican Party are taking our country.

Why is it that you and the Republican Party are so hesitant to stand up for even the basic guiding principles of humanity, but instead persist in following the lead of a divisive president that is so lacking in fundamental leadership skills, truthfulness, maturity, judgment, common sense, the law, human values and rights, strategic international diplomacy and self-control? By not addressing these major leadership issues with President Trump and the Republican Party I strongly believe that you are not only placing our country in serious peril, but destroying the Republican Party. This is really troubling. I say this as a Democrat who believes in a two-party system of government, which has built-in mechanisms of checks and balances. Not unlike yourself, I also believe that we have many problems in this country that need to be dealt with, but do you really believe that the form of government that you are supporting is the best way to address our country’s critical challenges? I would like to think better of you.

Why is it that the Republican Party is so concentrated on protecting itself, along with a toxic president, at the cost of not supporting the best interests, and the national security of our country? Should it not be country over party? Have we as a country lost our values and moral compass? It appears to me that the Republican Party is rapidly taking our country down a path towards a very bleak future. How can you, as Speaker of the House, in good conscience, allow this to happen? Is this how you define a democracy and the future of our country?

I have tried to understand and respect a different point of view and perspective but keep coming back to the same conclusion. I now find it most difficult and embarrassing to call myself a proud American. Please help me understand your reasoning.

Thank you in anticipation of your possible response.

Respectfully yours,

Bob Over

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