Piles of Dog Poop…

Dear Editor,
This morning I accessed the Syringa Trails off Pine Street at Greta’s Segway and was appalled at the great number of piles of dog crap I saw on the trail. Do irresponsible dog owners think that once they step off of Pine Street they are in the wild woods where only bear and moose roam? These trails are heavily utilized by residents and visitors every day.
It appears that most trail users do not drop trash on the trail, what makes the irresponsible dog owner think dog crap is an exception?
If irresponsible dog owners are so lazy they cannot pick up their own dog crap, couldn’t they at least take the dog off the trail to do it’s business? How about keeping the dog at home, so it will be very convenient for the irresponsible dog owner to pick up after the dog. This is Sandpoint, do irresponsible dog owners have any community pride?
We are extremely fortunate that we have such a wonderful wooded community trail at our back door. I am so thankful to the gracious and community-minded owners that give me permission to walk across their property. So would all you irresponsible dog owners out there think about someone other than yourself and pick up your dog’s crap?
Thanks for listening. I love Sandpoint!

Georgia York

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