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Dear Editor,

David Haussler, since you are so interested in science, you may find it interesting that there are receptors in the human brain whose only purpose is to bind with THC, the psychoactive mind altering substance in marijuana.

I have a question for you David: Why did your God put these receptors there if they are not to be used? That is also the case for other psychoactive substances such as psilocybin, which is manufactured only in the brain. 

And then there is Steve Brixen.

Steve, if you had taken the time to educate yourself you would know that millions of years ago Antarctica was thousands of miles north of where it is now. Before that Antarctica was part of a “super” continent known as Gondwanaland which was made up of Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe and North and South America.

Also Steve, Neanderthals did not exist when there were dinosaurs. Neanderthals did not arrive until millions of years after the dinosaurs went extinct.

Since you brought up Neanderthals let’s talk about racial purity. The Human Genome Project has found that the only place pure Homo sapiens can be found is among blacks in Africa.

Beginning about 40,000 years ago these black Homo sapiens of Africa moved into Europe and mated with Neanderthals thereby creating the rest of us.

Outside of Africa the rest of humanity is a hybrid of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. In other words, outside of Africa humanity is a mongrel race.

So misters Haussler and Brixen, try educating yourselves with real science instead of the pseudoscience you have been consuming via right-wing internet blogs and Fox News. You both are sorely lacking in critical thinking. Embracing that which agrees with your world view is NOT critical thinking.

Lee Santa

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