Steve Johnson for County Commissioner…

Dear Editor,

We are fortunate to have Steve Johnson running for Bonner County Commissioner for District 1 in November. Steve is a lifelong resident of Bonner County, a graduate of Sandpoint schools from elementary through high school and from the University of Idaho. He is a firm supporter of education. He became an elementary and high school teacher and principal, successful farmer and small-scale logger. From his career as an educator and his 41 years of service, which includes the Chamber of Commerce and the East Bonner County Library Board of Directors, Steve proved to be a successful administrator, attentive listener, experienced problem solver.

Steve’s experience is perfect for a commissioner’s job. He has interacted with government, nonprofits and individuals, listened to concerns, found solutions to problems, supervised staff and overseen budgets.

He is committed to a strong economy and quality of life. 

In his capacity of county commissioner, he will work to recruit and retain businesses that will pay a living wage and benefit Bonner County families. He will help grow and maintain a strong local economy and the quality of life that goes with both. 

His priorities also include accountability transparency (something sorely missed) and accountability in property taxes and the county budget, protection of private property rights for landowners and upgrading and improving county roads.

To restore accountability, integrity and accountability, I urge you to vote for Steve Johnson for District 1 County commissioner on Nov. 6.

Ilene Bell

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