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Dear Mr. Olson,

I realize the world is going to hell in a hand basket thanks to our Donkey-Cavity-in-Chief and Congress (and I was a Republican until last year), and I realize the streets in Sandpoint are only going to get worse, but I also have another pet peeve that is kind of ridiculous. I have always enjoyed Safeway’s Bakery, especially their bear claws. However, going along with the current trend, they continually raise their prices, while reducing the size to that of a postage stamp. If they are going to sell postage-stamp-size food, why don’t they charge the same price as a postage stamp?

However, on the plus side, Schweitzer has been absolutely fabulous. We do have the best Mexican food in the country at Joel’s, the best breakfasts at the Hoot Owl, the best baristas and coffee at the Schweitzer Cut-off Road Starbucks, and we have the Reader. So I guess we should dwell on what is good instead of the bad and the ugly.

Thank you for your recent series on the American Redoubt Movement, and the current series of articles on the candidates. We always enjoy our weekly Reader.


Bob Ashbrook

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