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We, the individuals listed below are a group of concerned Sandpoint residents of various political persuasions who gather weekly to discuss current events and share our viewpoints. The group’s participant specialties include sociology, business, medicine, law, engineering, education and science. Several members have had valued experience in local government.

With the rest of the nation, we have discussed possible responses to the high school shooting deaths in Parkland, Fla. With our (and the nation’s) divergent views, we recognize that addressing America’s violence has no all-encompassing simple solution. This requires a multifaceted approach that includes not only increasing the availability of mental health treatment, tightening background checks and increased effectiveness in law-enforcement communication/response, but also civilian data bases must have access to military dishonorable discharges and those deemed dangerous to themselves or others while in the military. Effective, funded support of mental health treatment is essential.

Youth across America are making plans on March 14 and/or 24 to rally to encourage legislation that could lessen the chances of death from mass school shootings. Because we believe youth should be encouraged to have input and feel empowered to make their voices heard on national issues, we call upon like-minded adults to demonstrate with our Sandpoint youth should they decide to show local support of national youth rallies.

M.E. Campbell, Sandpoint
Foster Cline, MD Sandpoint
Brian D’Aoust, Clark Fork
Charles Glock, Sandpoint
Don Hagen, Sagle
Ingrid Keller, Sandpoint
Robert Kellerman, Hope
Jeanette Schanndelmeir, Sagle

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