A Sad Result…

Dear Editor, 

For me, the sad result of folks voting against the preservation of the unique Scotchmans Peak area makes me wonder if the proud legacy of Idahoans as conservationists has ended. Whereas people were once willing to sit down and discuss issues regarding keeping these treasures landscapes as they are, they are now standing and shouting down opinions with which they disagree.

With a mere 13 percent of our public lands having been designated wilderness — where one can get away from the noisy fast-paced world to relax, reflect, observe, listen and be restored. To be reminded that we are part of this beautiful creation brings a sense of stewardship to care and protect our water, air and ecosystems that give us and the rest of creation a quality of life. The other 87 percent of our public lands allow recreational vehicles, mining, logging and grazing. 

Have those who voted against wilderness experienced the quiet peace of that special place? I don’t believe one could vote no had they entered one of these nature cathedrals. I encourage you to do it. It just might open minds and hearts if you let it. Thanks to those who will continue to work for wilderness.

River Burdick

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