Kelly Price circles her way back home with art show

By Scout Anatricia
Reader Intern

I have all sorts of apps open on my phone and I want to go back to the home screen so I press the electronic circle, it sends a small vibraion and then barely hesitates before sending me home.

Artist Kelly Price with one of her creations.

Artist Kelly Price with one of her creations.

Kelly Price finds that every circle brings us back to home and there is a cycle to all things. Her artwork is all about finding that place of balance and home.

Starting out with a conventional view of what it means to be focused and balanced and beautiful; Price created one medium of art. Yet, at the realization that the true nature of balance is spontaniety and creativity, sprung many new mediums of art.

Each painting provides an iconic circle set up like a target of some sort for the eye to “come home” to. From a viewers perspective; each painting really does bring forth a sense of calm and understanding. Similar to the feature on my phone; each piece seems to barely hesitate and then send me to a place of home.

Price has created a mindset that manifested into a body of art but similarly the art inspired her mindset. She has created collective pieces that you will find have a similar theme as well as pieces that don’t fit into any category or pattern but still somehow contain a circular theme and provide balance by being wacky and different. Her collection comes together as a whole.

“I have created a body of work which is all about coming home,” said Price. “Home to the moment. Home to ourselves. Home to a sense of tranquility and stability.”

Perched up in the old mayor’s office next to the Music Conservatory, Price works on her art. She occassionally sells a piece to an admirer and now she is ready to come out and showcase some of her new pieces in public. From silks to large canvases to kattywampus, found-object assemblages there will be many different mediums for the art connoisseur to choose from.

Evan’s Brothers Coffee will be hosting the art show for Price, opening on August 23rd from 4-6 p.m.

If you love one of her pieces but aren’t ready to commit to getting the real thing then be sure to stop by Winter Ridge or Zero Point where you can pick up reproduced images of her art in the form of greeting cards!

To check out some of her art before the show you can visit or follow her on Facebook at Silk Spirit.

For additional information contact Price at [email protected]

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