Kalispel Tribe to host caribou fundraiser

By Reader Staff

The Kalispel Tribe will host a fundraiser for South Selkirk Mountain Caribou recovery efforts on Saturday, March 3,  at Northern Quest Resort and Casino. The event will feature a screening of “Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest,” a cinematic journey into the world of endangered mountain caribou. The film’s producer, David Moskowitz, will be a special guest, and Rich Landers, retired Outdoors editor at The Spokesman Review, will MC the evening event.

A bull caribou in the wild. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Money raised from the event and its live and silent auctions will go directly to ongoing recovery efforts for the herd. These caribou represent an important part of our shared natural and cultural heritage. Later this winter, the Kalispel Tribe will assist in the capture of South Selkirk herd females that will be placed in a maternal pen near Salmo, BC. The pen was constructed to ensure the safety of the cows and newborn calves from predators. With fewer than a dozen caribou remaining in the South Selkirk population, the maternal pen project is a last ditch/stop gap measure to prevent the extirpation of this population. To purchase tickets, donate, or to learn more about the Kalispel Tribe’s caribou recovery efforts, visit kalispeltribe.com/caribou.

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