Jim Frank retires as CEO from Litehouse

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Litehouse Foods is set to undergo a change of leadership with the announcement that president and CEO Jim Frank is retiring.

The Litehouse Board of Directors will begin the search for a new president and CEO to guide the company, which in recent years has grown dramatically in distribution and production capabilities. In the meantime, Executive Vice President and CFO Kelly Prior will step in as interim president.

“I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to lead such an amazing organization and I want to thank all of the Employee Owners for their dedication in helping to make Litehouse the company it is today. I am excited to watch as Litehouse continues to grow into one of the most trusted names in the CPG industry,” said Jim Frank in a press release.

Litehouse board members praised Frank for his “dedication, passion, enthusiasm and leadership” in nurturing the company’s success since his genesis as the head of sales and marketing in 2006. Frank spent seven years as president and CEO, during which time the company charted major changes including transitioning into an employee-owned financial structure and expanding its production capabilities both in Sandpoint and elsewhere.

With the company under Prior’s interim leadership, the board will search for a CEO capable of “bringing innovative products, quality excellence and best-in-class service to its business partners and customers.”

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