Idaho health insurance marketplace Your Health Idaho will reopen March 1

By Reader Staff

The Biden administration in January announced a special reopening of the federal health insurance marketplace, which consumers can access through May 15. The enrollment period, authorized by an executive order from President Joe Biden, is intended to offer some measure of relief to uninsured Americans and those wishing to change their coverage amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Likewise in Idaho, which operates its own health insurance marketplace separate from the federal Affordable Care Act program, the Your Health Idaho insurance exchange is opening a special enrollment period, set to begin Monday, March 1 and run through March 31.

“As we approach the one-year mark of COVID-19 in Idaho, too many Idahoans are still uninsured and in need of coverage,” Your Health Idaho Executive Director Pat Kelly stated in a Feb. 15 news release. “Reopening the marketplace and providing Idahoans with a path to comprehensive health insurance is simply the right thing to do.”

All other state-based health insurance marketplaces are reopening enrollment, though timelines and rules vary.

In addition to providing a path to coverage for uninsured Idahoans, Your Health Idaho is also the only place to receive the health insurance tax credit. Based on household size and income, the monthly tax credit acts like an instant discount and reduces the cost of health insurance premiums.

“Most people are surprised to hear that more than 80% of those enrolled with Your Health Idaho are eligible for lower-cost insurance, with many paying $0 per month” stated Kelly. “I would encourage anyone who is interested to visit and at least complete the eligibility screening to find out if you could qualify. It never hurts to check.”

Although the Your Health Idaho special enrollment period does not open until March 1, Idahoans can apply for a tax credit at any time to determine if they are eligible.

Idahoans who enroll by the March 31 deadline will have a coverage start date of April 1, 2021.

Visit to shop for plans and enroll in coverage and contact Your Health Idaho by phone at 1-855-944-3246 or submit a support request online.

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