Help the Panida celebrate its first 100 years

By Jim Healey
Reader Contributor

The Panida Theater’s iconic marquee. Courtesy photo.

The Panida Theater will celebrate its first 100 years in 2027 and — in honor of the auspicious anniversary — the Panida Centennial Celebration Committee has been busy creating an archive chronicling the theater’s illustrious past.

The committee, composed of Katelyn Shook, Susan Bates-Harbuck, Donna Guthrie, Jana Shields, Jim Healey, Gail Trotta, Doug Jones and Karen Davis, is reaching out to the community for items dealing with the Panida’s rich history. Items may include (but are not limited to) programs, posters, photographs, ticket stubs, newspaper articles and anything else that deals with the theater.

If you choose to donate the items, they will be added to the Panida archives. If donors want to retain possession of the item, they are asked to make a photocopy of the item. The photocopy can then be donated to the Panida. Alternatively, the original can be brought to the Panida office and the staff will make a copy for the archives.

If photographs are being donated, please identify the people in the photographs, the event and the date.

Items can be dropped off in the Panida office between noon and 4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Or they can be mailed to the Panida Theater, P.O. Box 1981, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864. 

Email [email protected] with questions or for more info.

Jim Healey is a longtime member of the board of directors for both the Panida Theater and 88.5 KRFY Panhandle Community Radio.

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