Exhibit celebrates Schweitzer’s early years

The Early Years of Schweitzer on display as part of new exhibit at Schweitzer Mountain

By Reader Staff

The Bonner County History Museum is excited to announce its newest exhibit, “The Early Years of Schweitzer,” is now on display at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Lakeview Lodge (just outside of Taps). The exhibit features a wide range of exciting artifacts, including the incredibly long wooden skis that belonged to Sandpoint Department Store pioneer, Ole Jennestad. The skis are a complete show stopper, and it is hard to imagine how he was able to ski on them. Other items include historical Schweitzer promotional materials, vintage trail maps, original season passes, newspaper articles, photographs and more.

“Being that the resort is such a large part of Bonner County’s history,” said curator Heather Upton, “we believe it is important that it received special attention with its own exhibit.”

Courtesy Photo.

The museum has a number of wonderful items in its collection reflecting the history of Schweitzer, including original photos by Jim Parson documenting the building of the resort — from scouting the terrain to opening day. Curating an exhibit on the mountain gave us the opportunity to takes these photographs, and other objects, out of our archives and into the community.

“One of the most exciting things about curating an exhibit on Schweitzer Mountain Resort is the opportunity to take history beyond the museum walls and help educate and excite people about the history of Schweitzer directly on the mountain,” said Olivia Luther, museum director. “We are thrilled to use this as a chance to introduce the museum to individuals who may otherwise have not known about us. The partnership truly embodies our mission statement of History Creating Community. We are here for the community, helping share the rich story of our area.”

The museum is always seeking more opportunities to become involved with the community and share our collective history, from updating permanent exhibits and conducting tours and community presentations to revamping educational programs and designing new special events.

Check out the exhibit at the Lakeview Lodge, outside of Taps, at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

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