Council introduces resolution to support refugees

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

In contrast to the anti-refugee sentiment coming from county government, Sandpoint officials are planning to introduce a measure supporting Syrian refugee resettlement in Idaho.

According to Mayor Carrie Logan, the gesture of support would come as a either a mayoral proclamation or resolution, or perhaps both. Whatever form it takes, it will serve as a counterpoint to the resolutions from North Idaho county commissioners voicing opposition to refugee resettlement.

“Because of our city’s history of supporting human rights, we thought it important to restate in the context of the discussion about immigration and refugees,” Logan said.

If a resolution is introduced for council consideration and members pass it—an action that would take place at the earliest by Jan. 6—it will put the city in direct contrast to Bonner and Boundary counties. District 1 Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, and Bonner County Sheriff have both been vocal in their opposition of refugee resettlement out of concern in will make communities vulnerable to terror attacks. On Dec. 1, Bonner County commissioners adopted a resolution urging Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter to halt the resettlement program using any means available. The following Monday, Boundary County commissioners passed a similar resolution. In both cases, the meetings attracted large crowds and several public comments, most of which opposed the federal government’s resettlement program.

“The biggest motivation for me [in suggesting the measure] was the commissioner’s and sheriff’s support of the anti-refugee resolution a few weeks ago,” Logan said.

The planned measure follows comments from some residents worried about the effect of county commissioners’ resolutions on Sandpoint’s reputation. The few comments opposing commissioners’ resolutions at public meetings highlighted North Idaho’s struggles with perceptions that the region is a haven for racists and xenophobes. Actions that reinforced that image, they feared, would reduce tourism and hurt local businesses. Logan said that’s not one of her biggest considerations in introducing the measure, but it is a factor.

“I have some concern—although not a whole lot—about perpetuating the past reputation of our area as being racist,” she said.

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14 Responses

  1. Jacque Guinan says:

    They are not bringing in true refugees – they are purposefully bringing chaos. Look at Germany, France, Greece and many of the other UK nations and please explain what level of stupid you would have to be to want to bring “refugees” that are not being properly screened or vetted into our community? These are people who have sworn to bring down the US from the inside. This is a program that has already brought in terrorists to other countries who have committe mass murders and chaos. The TRUE refugees are being forbidden to come here – those are the Syrian Christian and Yazidi population who are the victims of mass genocide.

    • Lars says:

      And see what’s happened to all the other European countries, Bulgaria etc. Total chaos. Japan absolutely put THEIR foot down & said NO.

  2. defender says:

    Which who’s money? You taxpayers in Sandpoint want top steal money from the State’s taxpayers. Idaho, fire this mayor!

    Protecting yourselves from enemy combatants, is NOT racist.

  3. 12InchPianist says:

    So is Sandpoint going to expect women, children and the others who cannot defend themselves or or just a bunch of middle aged men who will go on doing the dumb shit that their culture does?

  4. Audioplus93 says:

    I make a motion for a recall election, these city councilmembers have no right to exceed state or local county government authority. For that matter, they should not have hired a city manager that lives out of state at 6 figure+ income. They are Dreamers, that want to place an overtaxed burden on local residents. I’m vehemently opposed to this and believe the whole bunch from the Mayor down through all the Council members should be replaced. Anyone with 1/2 a mind wouldn’t consider such a motion.

  5. Bonnie Sels-Chambers says:

    This is exactly the type of politician we need to remove from public office. They are voted in to represent and work for the people, not for their own agenda’s and beliefs. The majority does not support this, therefore she is not doing her job. I hope she can be removed from office. I’ll sign a petition or chip in for a lawyer?

  6. Sam i am says:

    Why is she NOT pertaining to things of the Local people??? Why is she trying to manage outsiders and other countries is she a LOON? Recall her she has had to many drinks!!!

  7. on2em says:

    Wow…so this mayor wants to jeopardize the lives of the people of Sandpoint simply because it would oppose the commissioners and sheriff’s representation of their constituents? This mayor is either extremely ignorant of the situation or willfully supporting the plan for death and chaos of this orchestrated invasion. If the mayor is truly concerned about “human rights” then she should consider the human rights of her constituents to be free from jihad being forced upon them.

  8. Cis says:

    I thought Sandpoint was getting a new Mayor this month.. how can she ask for anything.. but even if her replacement.. is of the same mind… I would be more impressed if she would find homes, jobs, food for the homeless of Sandpoint.. and how many Vet’s does Sandpoint have that don’t have jobs.. Lets take care of our own first..

  9. freedom says:

    I lived amongst these people for a year. In that time they were “Upset” and went around yanking westerners from vehicles and beheaded them on the spot. None are moderate, all are extremists. For the mayor to call opposers Nazis he should step down. Do you mr mayor realize Sharia Law is not compatible with our constitution? Do you realize these people do not assimilate into our culture but instead expect us to bow down and change for them? How well did it work having refugees in Boston and San Bernardino? He does not care about public safety and the interested of our citizens. Do not forget, Bonners Ferry was on the ISIS hit list as well. Tax payers will pay for them, crime will rise.

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