Council approves amendment to Memorial Field design contract

By Zach Hagadone
Reader Staff

Meeting via remote connection on April 15, the Sandpoint City Council unanimously voted to approve an amendment to the professional services agreement with Bernardo Wills Architects, the firm hired to provide engineering services for sweeping changes to War Memorial Field.

Overall, the amendment allocates a further $170,065 toward a total “not-to-exceed amount” of $489,965 for engineering services in both Phases I and II of the project, which includes the installation of artificial turf at the field.

In detail, the amendment provides for additional services including engineering support during bidding in both phases, as well as during Phase I construction; increases the construction limit from $2.95 million to $4.2 million, which includes both phases; clarifies the scope of Phase II; and modifies the schedule of services to include Phase II design.

The new construction cost is within the budget amounts presented to the council in February, with the city taking on construction management and inspection services.

Additional services to be provided by the Bernardo Wills include a playable field for fall sports in Phase I and directives in Phase II to provide parking lot rehabilitation, stormwater systems and treatment, lighting, sidewalks, curbs, boat launch improvements, restroom, landscape, accessible path to future kayak launch, boat washing station and all features required to accommodate spring sports.

Basic services went from $275,000 to $380,000, accounting for an increase from $77,550 to $102,450 for the preliminary design phase, and increased to $261,050 — from $180,950 — for the final design.

Additional services total $109,965, including geotechnical investigation and analysis, a stormwater pollution prevention plan, bidding for Phases I and II, and Phase I construction. 

“We’re anticipating Phase II design completion over the summer,” said City Engineer Dan Tadic.

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