Child dies in Boise stabbing

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Timmy Earl Kinner.
Photo courtesy Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

A stabbing rampage at a Boise birthday last week left one child dead, eight individuals wounded and the Idaho capital city grief-stricken. 

Ruya Kadir, a 3-year-old Ethiopian refugee who was celebrating her birthday Saturday, died of her wounds Monday at a Utah hospital. The attack also injured five other children and three adults. 

Thousands gathered at a Boise vigil Monday night to show solidarity with the victims and mourn Ruya’s death. The girl was remembered by her loved ones as a buoyant personality who loved Disney princesses. 

Following the attack, Timmy Earl Kinner Jr., 30, stands accused of first-degree murder and eight counts of aggravated battery. Kinner, who has a long criminal history, is alleged to have been enraged after being removed from the apartment complex where the Saturday birthday party was held and staged his attack there as revenge.

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