Cedar construction to advance after Fourth of July

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Cedar Street businesses between Second and Third avenues, rejoice: construction is moving on to the next block. 

A vehicle navigates the newly opened Cedar St. Photo by Ben Olson.

According to Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton, construction between Second and Third avenues is wrapping up, with crews preparing to move the next stage of work between Third and Fourth avenues. Some concrete pouring will still take place between Second and Third. 

Work has advanced smoothly over the past few weeks. At the end of July, crews focused on grading the roadway and placing sidewalk on the south side of Second and Third. The concrete pours were staggered to account for the joints in the sidewalks, which were opened to pedestrians within 24 hours of placement. 

“Our on-site personnel are in direct contact with affected businesses,” Stapleton said in a construction update to local businesses. “Access to all business entrances will be provided by the end of shift on Friday.” 

Between Monday and Tuesday, crews continued with roadway grading, sidewalk pouring and seat wall placement on the north side of the block. By the end of Tuesday, Cedar Street opened to motorists, with equipment lined on the north side of Cedar between Third and Fourth.

Starting today — Thursday, July 5 — work began between Third and Fourth, closing it to motorists. 

In other construction news, paving recently completed on Ella Avenue. 

“We just have a few wrap-up items with curbing,” Stapleton said.

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