Bonner County declared disaster area

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

In an emergency meeting Friday morning, Bonner County Commissioners adopted a resolution declaring a local disaster emergency in Bonner County due to wildfires burning out of control.

According to the resolution, signed by Chairman Cary Kelly, and Commissioners Glen Bailey and Todd Sudick, the Scotchman and Tower wildfires are burning out of control where it is possible that it could be in excess of seven days before the fire is extinguished.

The resolution states that “dry and excessive weather conditions and high winds have facilitated wildfires in several locations near and throughout Bonner County,” and that “private homes and infrastructures are being threatened.”

“The county does not have the resources to get the fire under control,” continued the resolution. “And therefore is requesting assistance from other agencies.”

The Clark Fork Complex, which includes the Scotchman, Whitetail and Tower Fires, has grown to 10,873 acres as of Friday, with 0% containment. According to press releases from InciWeb, crews had good success Friday with line construction at the base of Scotchman Peak. Fires exhibited minimal growth.

Two firefighters will be working through Friday night patrolling and monitoring both the Scotchman and Whitetail Fires to watch for changes in weather and fire condition.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect through Friday night. Dry breezy conditions are expected.

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1 Response

  1. Bluesman50349 says:

    My thanks and appreciation to all the firefighters and volunteers working so hard to protect life and property. Be safe out there…

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