Two gun-related marches in Sandpoint Saturday

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

The nationwide gun debate is coming to Sandpoint Saturday, as groups organize to march both in favor and against strengthening the country’s gun control legislation.

In solidarity with the “March For Our Lives” happening in Washington, D.C. and in other cities around the world, community members — specifically, Sandpoint High School students — who favor stronger gun laws will gather at City Beach at 10 a.m. and march through town.

“Our Sandpoint community is invited to join in support of tackling this critical issue,” reads a widely-circulated Facebook post about the March For Our Lives event. “Now is the time!”

Also at 10 a.m., others will gather at the Long Bridge Bar and Grill and march the long bridge during March For Our Rights — a demonstration defending current gun ownership policies.

“Once again, students are being manipulated by the gun control left to further their agenda,” reads the “March For Our Rights” Facebook event page. “Our gun rights are not up for discussion and this march is to show support for our Second Amendment rights.”

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