Sandpoint Teen Center reopens in two locations

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

For the past 15 years, the Sandpoint Teen Center has provided a nurturing, safe and fun environment for area teenagers. In 2018, the building that housed the Teen Center sold, requiring organizers to search for a new location.

A group of local teens making healthy snacks at the Sandpoint Teen Center. Courtesy photo.

The Sandpoint Teen Center announced it will officially reopen Monday, Sept. 9 in two locations: Huckleberry Lanes, 120 S. Division St., and Church of God, 221 S. Division St. Huckleberry Lanes generously opened its doors to keep the Teen Center active during the process of searching for a new location.

“We will continue our daily bowling, pool and other activities at Huckleberry Lanes,” the Teen Center wrote in a release. “We will also hold weekly bowling lessons, bowling tournaments and more.”

Teen Center coordinators said they will continue offering daily healthy snacks right after school and hot meals at the Church of God.

“We are excited to have full-kitchen use and more room for snacks, hot meals and a variety of games and art at the Church of God,” the release stated.

Specially-themed food days will begin in the fall, including Milkshake Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Italian Soda Thursdays and special meals in between directed by the teens and their food interests.

Fall activities include karaoke, arts and crafts, music, swimming, ping-pong tournaments, community day service opportunities, life skills (Department of Labor visits), Doctor’s In (visits with community counselors) and more.

The Sandpoint Teen Center serves as an after-school hangout and drop-in center for grades seven-12. The center is a drug-free, bully-free and cellphone-free environment where teens can gain practical life skills, obtain healthy snacks and hot meals, as well as socialize with others.

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